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The Fitness Trainer Ahmed Mokbel

Personal Trainer Ahmed Ali Mahmoud aka Ahmed Mokbel was born in Cairo Egypt, on October 18, 1987.

After graduation from the Faculty of Commerce Cairo University he started his fitness career journey by joining local bodybuilding competitions.

Then, Ahmed moved to Dubai in 2011, where he had started his fitness business.

From a young age Ahmedwas passionate about fitness modeling and bodybuilding. Before graduating he was a model for major brands such as Pepsi, Sneakers and DIADORA. In 2011, the year he moved to Dubai, he decided to take his passion to the next level and start his own personal training business where he succeeded in changing the lives of almost 600 Clients.

He is currently in the process of opening his own studio where he will be instructing group classes.


• Level 2 & Level 3 in Personal training -ISSA

• NCCPT-Strength Training Specialist


• Strength and Conditioning

• Online Coaching Certification

• Nutritional Advisor

On a sidenote: currently based in Dubai.

Written and published by Ellemaraa.

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