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Ahmed Mokbel is a fitness coach, personal trainer, and fitness model;

he was born in Cairo, Egypt, and moved to Dubai, UAE, in 2011.


Ahmed Mokbel has a natural passion for sports; he was a professional soccer player and made to the youth national team;


however, he developed a new passion for fitness after an injury.


At a young age, Ahmed Mokbel was a model of many brands that included but were not limited to Pepsi, Sneakers, and Diodora. Now Mokbel is the face of many brands such as Huawei, Squatwolf, Max Muscle, MyProtein, Organic Nation, and Kcal Meal Plans. 

 WHO AM I ? 



In 2011, Mokbel decided to devote his energy and direct his passion in fitness, earned professional certifications,

and consistently moved ahead passionately. Nowadays, he is being recognized as the top Arab fitness coach in the Middle East region; moreover, Mokbel has is an integral member of Good Morning Arabs, a famous daily show on MBC TV. 



Through natural passion and experience, Mokbel has a proven rack record of changing people's live, improving their physique, and transforming bodies; hence, Mokbel has over 600 clients.

  1. Get personalized nutritious diet guides and plans that are based on your taste and crafted by me personally for proven results.

  2. Each client is given proper focus, time, and attention & because of that sadly, there can't be a million spots for this program.

  3. Get customized workouts built for you, based on guaranteed results with professional tutorial videos!

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